Designing Interactions

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Tim Westergren

In 2000 Tim founded Pandora, the personalized Internet radio service. Based on his Music Genome Project, Pandoraselects songs and artists with similar musical qualities to examples that you choose and creates a "radio station" just for you. Tim loved music as a little boy, starting off playing jazz and blues piano, gaining skills with lots of different instruments, and learning more about theory and composition in college. At Stanford University he became more interested in the intersection of music and computers, but after graduation he spent about ten years as a performer, playing shows and touring. He became interested in composing for film and developed a niche in Hollywood by building on his understanding of how the structure of music matches the needs of films. When he realized that this kind of music profiling could be turned into a taxonomy of musical attributes, he began working on the Music Genome Project, which led to his starting a company that eventually became Pandora.

Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora Internet Radio, shares Craig Newmark's ideals of community service and civic engagement. Tim wants to create a middle class for the community of musicians and personalized radio for the music listener.