Designing Interactions

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Shinichi Takemura

After a career as an anthropologist conducting field research in the Amazon, Tibet, India, and Africa, Shinichi Takemura returned to Japan to teach and work as a curator of museums of cultural anthropology. He became interested in changing the way people understand the world, rather than just observing as a researcher. He looked for new ways to communicate the reality of what's happening to the planet. This led him to embrace new technology and adopt a career as a media producer, harnessing the power of the Internet to develop social information platforms. He founded the Earth Literacy Program, a nonprofit organization that he runs as a base for his activities. He produced the Japanese virtual pavilion Sensorium for the first online Internet World Expo held in 1996, for which he won the 1997 Gold Ars Electronica Nica Award. In 2001 he started developing the Tangible Earth project, a multimedia globe that allows people to understand the condition of our planet using interactive technology, based on information provided by scientists from various fields.

Professor Shinichi Ta kemura is concerned that we are hiding information about the condition of the planet as a whole from ourselves, and he has set out to produce media to reveal the truth. He talks about his efforts in the next interview.