Designing Interactions

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Airside is a creative agency working in moving image, graphic design, illustration, and interactive digital media. They like to develop solutions that work across all media, such as TV commercials, Web sites, and billboards. Founded in 1998 by Alex Maclean, Fred Deakin, and Nat Hunter, Airside's unique approach has won many awards, including recognition from D&AD, Bafta, Design Week, and Apple. The twenty people in the team have diverse backgrounds, from fine art to programming and knitting to English literature. They bring a whimsical wit to their designs and prove themselves masterful in the use of multiple media. Alex started in architecture and interior design and has moved into animation and Web design. Fred began his music and design career by creating promotional material and visuals for the clubs he was running; he still performs as half of the band Lemon Jelly. Nat moved into graphic design from a background in human computer interface design and psychology.

Airside, a London-based creative design agency, demonstrates a fluent approach to using multiple media platforms. Fred Deakin is both a musician and a designer. He brings a rich combination of media to the support of his band Lemon Jelly. Nat Hunter thrives on developing algorithms and communication design; he relaxes by knitting "Stitches." Alex Maclean combines a flair for animation with a whimsical wit.