Designing Interactions

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Chapter 5 – Content is King

Interviews with Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Alice Rawsthorn, Ira Glass, and Colin Callender

The people interviewed for this chapter believe passionately in the ability of their content to transcend the medium. You can tell in the interview that follows that Arthur Sulzberger Jr. believes first in high-quality journalism. Indeed, he feels that it is journalism's mission to give people the information they need to keep democracy alive. He is confident that the print version of the newspaper is here to stay. At the same time he welcomes additional media that give opportunities to tell stories in other ways, allowing the same content to reach more people with video, audio, slide shows, and, as he puts it, "all of these things that have become so wonderful" on the Web. While content may be king, there is evidently a financial struggle in progress. As publisher and chairman of the board of the New York Times Company, Sulzberger faces falling advertising revenues, a deep recession, and overhead costs that must be hard to reduce, as they consist of an excellent journalistic and editorial staff in addition to an elegant headquarters building.

Content is King