Designing Interactions

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Chapter 4 – Both Worlds

Interviews with Joel Hyatt, Bruce Nussbaum, Jessie Scanlon, Jane Friedman, Martin Eberhard, and Rich Archuleta

The explosion in media capacity that Chris Anderson describes in this chapter can be likened to the big bang; it seems endlessly expansive with no prospect of reversing direction. All media organizations have had to deal with the challenges posed by this ever-increasing expansion. Most traditional media companies are steered by executives in their forties and fifties, for whom the increase in quantity and variety in the medium that they work in has been easier to grasp than the new unfamiliar versions being created on the Internet, which initially seemed irrelevant to many.

This chapter provides some examples of content creators having developed successful combinations of traditional media and new media, designing versions that complement one another and enhance the output of both the old world and the new, even when the results challenge established financial structures.

Both Worlds