Designing Interactions

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Chapter 2 – Yes We Can

Interviews with Jimmy Wales, Craig Newmark, Tim Westergren, Blixa Nargeld with Erin Zhu, Airside, and Roger McNamee

Yes, we can do it ourselves! The tools for creating media almost always seem to be as close as your personal computer, given the appropriate software and a bit of additional gear. Take this book, for example. I was able to create nearly all of it with just my laptop. I used a word-processing program to write it, a page-layout program to design it, and a photo-editing program to manipulate the images, with the ever-present Internet to help me find content and check facts. Did you look at the DVD? That was created on the same laptop, using a video-editing program, a sound-editing program, and DVD-mastering software. And how about the Web site, I built it with some help from a colleague at IDEO, but again with software available on a laptop. The means of reproducing the book and DVD are still traditional (with thanks to the MIT Press) and the distribution is physical (with organizations for manufacturing and distribution that require expensive infrastructure), but the means of creation are available to anyone who has learned to use a computer.

In this chapter we meet people who have developed the yes-we-can attitude in extreme, developing innovations in media that rely on contributions from the crowd.

Yes We Can